The CALIFORNIA Booth Bus difference

So what exactly is California Booth Bus?

  1. A Classic Car or a Vintage Trailer. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful classic car or a splendid vintage trailer as a backdrop to their event. People love taking selfies in front of, or inside of our vehicles. Any where we park they become an instant “photo-op,” why not hire them to park at your event?
  2. A high end photo booth. With custom props, High Def camera, Touch Screen, Vanity Light Ring, Professional Photo Printer, and instant Digital sharing, our photo booths are on par with any other booth on the market.
  3. Live Entertainment. There is something about having live entertainment at your event that brings people together and changes the atmosphere. With Callie or 66 Spirit, at your party’s disposal you’ll find people gathered around them laughing, taking pictures, smiling, singing, and dancing to the music emanating from our vehicles. If you’re not careful, Callie or 66 Spirit might become your event.

When you hire “Callie” or “66 Spirit” you get all three of these in one convenient package that drives up, sets up at your event and gets the party started!

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