• At California Booth Bus we take the health & safety of our clients, employees, friends & families very seriously.  We know these are difficult times for all of us and yes we will get back to normal soon, but in the meantime we have introduced new preventative measures to make sure your party is safe with us and still remains fun!
  • U CAN’T TOUCH THIS! Both our vehicles “Callie the Bus” and “66 Spirit the Airstream” will be operated by our trained employees, Booth Captains, who can manually enter emails or phone numbers of your guests without them ever touching our equipment.  We also encourage you to use our QR code system for your guests to retrieve their photos. This eliminates guests from interacting with any photo booth surface entirely.
  • VIRTUAL BOOTH While large in-person group gatherings are paused for the moment and you and your partner are going all the way digital, we have a solution for you to still have your photo booth fun! Virtual wedding, engagement party, baby shower, birthday party or other celebrations can still utilize this browser based service!
  • DIGITAL PROPS We temporarily putting a pause on usage of physical props for events. But we got you covered and your guests still can enjoy variety of our Digital Props they are fun and absolutely safe!
  • SANITARY PROCEDURES New sanitary guidelines for our Booth Captains during your event include: wearing a facial mask; washing hands frequently; using hand sanitizer after any direct contact with guests; disinfecting all the equipment regularly; practicing self-distancing. All our staff know how to limit the spread of COVID-19 and screen themselves for symptoms and sure will stay home if they experience even slightest hint of illness.
  • HOW ABOUT A REMINDER? The CDC suggests that washing hands thoroughly and often is the best prevention for the spread of virus. We can help your guests remember that! We can add a popup reminder for your guests to wash their hands right on the photo booth welcoming screen!
  • WE ARE FLEXIBLE! In these unprecedented times, more and more couples are taking the advice to limit group gatherings because of COVID-19. As a result, some couples are either postponing their weddings or considering alternative options. Should you and your partner decide to postpone your wedding, we are here to help. We want you to be able to secure our vehicles for events without feeling trapped if your circumstances change. In place of forfeiting a retainer for cancellation, we are offering to apply any retainer from a canceled event to a future event.

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